Whether Michael Vick or Geno Smith will be named the New York Jets starting quarterback is still yet to be determined. However, in the latest episode of what jersey number will Michael Vick wear, it appears he will wear No. 1 on his jersey.

When Vick was signed by the Jets, the jersey number dilemma began. Vick has always worn jersey No. 7 since his career in the NFL began. However, second-year player Smith also wears jersey No. 7.

Last month, it appeared the jersey number situation was settled as it was determined Vick would wear jersey No. 8.

I guess No. 8 didn’t feel quite right after further pondering the situation, so it looks like No. 1 is the proper fit. If Vick is named the Jets starting quarterback, then No. 1 certainly serves as a dual purpose. Heck, Cam Newton wears No. 1 and now he’s Superman, so maybe we could have a new superhero in the making here. How about something like Mighty Mouse?

Courtesy: alphacoders.com
Superman and Mighty Mouse

Photo: Howard Smith, USA Today Sports