Report: Bill Belichick served subpoena, but didn’t show in Aaron Hernandez trial

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Vincent Frank
Written by Vincent Frank

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick was reportedly served a subpoena by the court in the Aaron Hernandez double-murder trial earlier this week. He was supposedly on the defense team’s list of witnesses.

In a strange development, Belichick himself didn’t show up to testify.

That’s actually some pretty big news right there. Judges themselves usually don’t respond kindly to potential witnesses refusing to testify after being handed a subpoena. There’s definitely a scenario in play here that suggests Belichick could be held in contempt of court.

As it is, the defense team rested its case shortly after Hernandez’s former head coach refused to testify. Hernandez, a former fourth-round pick of the Patriots, is facing trial for a double murder that took place back in July of 2012.

He’s currently serving a life sentence after being found guilty in the murder of Odin Lloyd back in 2015. The case itself is now headed for closing arguments before the jury comes back with its verdict.

Why Belichick refused to testify is anyone’s guess. Whether he was a character witness remains to be seen, but it is rather interesting that he was a no-show.

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