Adam Jones arrest footage emerges: ‘Keep yelling and see what happens’

Ethan Sears
Adam Jones

New footage stemming from Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam Jones’ March arrest has been released by TMZ and it is not a good look for Jones. Known to be combative on the field, Jones takes a similar attitude with the arresting officer which, as you may imagine, does not go well.

At one point the officer tells Jones “Quit yelling like a little kid,” according to footage obtained by  TMZ.

Jones was charged with assault, disorderly conduct and obstructing police officers. He plead not guilty to misdemeanors stemming from the incident, though felony charges were dropped. It’s unlikely this impacts Jones’ on-field status come fall, but it’s far from the first time Jones has been angry and wrong about it.

He most recently unloaded on a reporter who asked a pretty innocent question (more on that here).

Jones will appear in court on May 16.