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Zach Smith goes on Twitter rant railing against Brett McMurphy, ex-wife Courtney Smith

On Wednesday, disgraced former Ohio State assistant coach Zach Smith took to social media in an extensive and angry rant against Brett McMurphy, his ex-wife Courtney Smith and others.

Smith is accused by his ex-wife of abuse, and recently some very alarming details came to light about his personal activities while coaching at Ohio State.

We’re not sure exactly what sparked the extended Twitter rant, but Smith is certainly tired of all the media coverage and unloaded in a series of messages on the social media platform.

When one person responded to the above message saying Smith is using his children as a shield, he came back with even more fervor.

Afterward, Smith further attacked Brett McMurphy, who broke this story wide open nearly a month ago.

Once again, he also vehemently denied ever having hit his wife and listed off a series of “Facts” that he holds to be true, which includes the notion that head coach Urban Meyer was forced into the statement in which he ultimately apologized to Courtney Smith.

Then Smith said that his ex-wife, Courtney, is “NO victim” before saying he can’t wait to testify in court.

There’s a lot to unpack here, but one thing is clear: Smith doesn’t want to go down without a fight.