Zach Ertz: Darren Sproles is Benjamin Button

After suffering season-ending injuries in Week 3 last year, running back Darren Sproles decided to return to the Philadelphia Eagles for one more year. Never mind that Sproles turned 35 this past June.

Upon observing Sproles in training camp, tight end Zach Ertz has come up with a pretty funny conclusion: “He’s Benjamin Button.”

By all reports, Sproles has picked up where he last left off. He is one of a select handful of older NFL players who seems to have found the Fountain of Youth. There are not many running backs who can still contribute well past the age of 30 in the league.

Sproles will likely see a limited role on offense, but he could still be utilized in the return game where he has thrived his whole career.

This year marks Sproles’ 14th season in the league. He is on record for tallying a combined 11,142 return yards, which makes for the seventh-most in NFL history. We will see if Sproles continues to channel his inner Benjamin Button once September rolls around.