Yankees commemorate 50th anniversary of Stonewall Inn uprising with plaque in Monument Park

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Yankees did a couple of incredible things on Tuesday. In addition to breaking an all-time MLB home run record, they also commemorated the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Inn uprising with a plaque in Monument Park.

The team started by having Hudson Taylor, the founder of Athlete Ally, and Jared Fox, LGBTQ Community Liaison at the New York Department of Education, bring out the lineup cards. Then, they unveiled the 50th anniversary plaque in Monument Park.

General manager Brian Cashman, along with pitchers CC Sabathia and Dellin, Betances led the ceremony. The plaque honors those who fought back during a violent police raid at the Stonewall Inn gay bar in 1969. 

“This plaque serves to honor the struggle for equality and is a reminder of the richness we gain by nurturing inclusion and diversity,” the plaque reads. “Acceptance forms the bedrock of our community, and let it be known that Yankee Stadium welcomes everyone as a gathering place for all.”

Cashman added that, “We want to be an organization that represents inclusion and safe harbor. We try and make a difference that way.”