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Yankees confirm star C Gary Sanchez does not have coronavirus

Vincent Frank
Gary Sanchez coronavirus

The New York Yankees’ Spring Training has been one filled with injury after injury. That took a scary turn earlier on Tuesday as it was announced All-Star catcher Gary Sanchez was a way from the team.

Sanchez was said to have at least one symptom of the now widespread coronavirus (COVID-19), which saw him dealing with a fever.

Given today’s heightened safety measures and level of alert, speculation quickly ramped up that Sanchez might have the virus.

We now have good news on that front. Yankees manager Aaron Boone said that Sanchez merely has the common flu. He was not actually tested for coronavirus.

That’s some good news for the Yankees as they prepare for Opening Day. It’s also important to note that the location where the Yankees hold Spring Training camp does have a confirmed positive. Hence, the concern.

This all comes with the sports world taking drastic measures to protect athletes from coronavirus. That would have only been magnified if one of these players tested positive.