Yankees boycott threat works, ESPN will no longer televise game

By Vincent Frank

A small drama has come up within the confines of the Major League Baseball world. Earlier in the week it was reported by the NY Post‘s Andrew Marchand that the New York Yankees were planning for the possibility of boycotting ESPN.

The issue stems the Yankees being scheduled to take on the Toronto Blue Jays on Sunday Night Baseball on July 8th. New York was against the idea of an 8 p.m. start instead of its normal 1 p.m. start time. The reason? It has a doubleheader in Baltimore scheduled for the following day.

Now, according to Marchand, the Yankees and Jays will indeed play at the normal 1 p.m. start time with ESPN going in another direction for its coverage.

It’s intriguing in that Yankees manager Aaron Boone is pretty much attempting to stick it to the company he used to work for, ESPN, as well as former Yankees star Alex Rodriguez.

ESPN will now televise the Dodgers and Angels on Sunday night instead.