Seven best moments from Broncos Super Bowl 50 celebration parade

By Rachel Wold

The temperate weather in Denver could not have been more perfect to welcome the Broncos back home after their Super Bowl 50 victory over the Carolina Panthers, 24-10.

Excited fans were greeted by happy players as the team arrived to an awesome parade site that provided viewers and attendees with these special moments.

Incredibly huge crowd assembles to welcome their team

Mixed reports have the fans in attendance at the Denver Broncos Super Bowl celebration parade estimated anywhere from 650,000 to one million people.

The massive sea of fans clad in orange surrounding the Denver Civic Center was quite the amazing scene to take in.

It has been 17 long years since fans have been able to celebrate a Broncos Super Bowl victory. The procession that began at Union Station and eventually wound up at the Civic Center consisted of a variety of vehicles, including a reported five flatbeds and 22 fire engines.

Queen’s “We are the Champions” perfect song choice

Who doesn’t stop and listen when a Queen classic rock song plays on the radio?

One of Queen’s best, “We are the Champions” could be heard in the background as the team arrived at the Super Bowl 50 parade scene.

Fans and viewers of any age can certainly agree this was the perfect of song choices to greet a team full of champions.

And just as a side note, Queen’s “We are the Champions” was released in 1977, when Peyton Manning was a mere one-year old boy.

Unanymous cheers for Von Miller

The cheering consensus among those in attendance at the victory parade was for none other than linebacker and MVP Von Miller.

Miller was awarded MVP after posting five tackles, 2.5 sacks, and two forced fumbles on Cam Newton. When Miller was asked about earning another Super Bowl ring next year, he answered with this, via

“I mean, back to back, right?”

Miller was dressed snazzy for the occasion wearing a dark sweater and blazer, cross necklace and smart straw hat.

With thousands of fans praising him and a debut on the cover of Sports Illustrated, Miller is definitely the man of the hour, if not the month.

Peyton Manning keeps fans, team in suspense

Many anticipated that Peyton Manning might take his opportunity at the mic to make a statement regarding his eventual retirement plans.

But while he had hundreds of thousands of fans at hand (many wearing his No. 18 jersey) Manning chose to speak only about the moment, not spilling a drop of retirement talk.

Had Manning chosen to make his big announcement, or the say that he plans to continue to play, a crowd of nearly one million supporters would have been the ideal setting.

Manning has until March 9 (one month from now) to decide if he wants to retire. When the right time and setting presents itself, we’ll eventually find out what Manning is planning for 2016.

Von Miller imitates DeMarcus Ware’s Hulk smash dance

When Von Miller had the mic, he was asked about his mentor and teammate DeMarcus Ware.

Showing much admiration and respect for Ware, Miller shouted “he’s the man!” Then Miller proceeded to imitate Ware’s “Hulk smash dance” which drew heavy crowd cheers.

Ware seems to have found the perfect team to eventually finish off his illustrious NFL career. Expressing thanks to the Broncos for having faith in him, Ware now adds a Super Bowl ring to his list of proud accomplishments.

Governor signs off from parade, but nobody leaves

It’s a warm day outside and many folks took off work and school to attend the Broncos victory parade.

This is probably why nobody was in a hurry to leave once the Governor signed off on the event. The cheerleaders remained on their stage, while the thick crowd of orange stood stagnate. Even NFL Network commentator Andrew Siciliano noted that nobody was leaving.

Considering the looks of this massive crowd, it is going to take hours to clear everyone out. So why not just take it easy and spend the rest of the afternoon hanging out with nearly one million of your closest friends?

Players, owners, management passing around the Lombardi trophy

Several awesome photos were captured as Broncos owner Annabel Bowden, John Elway and many team members passed around the Lombardi Trophy en route to their parade.

In the history of the Broncos organization, the team has had the Lombardi Trophy in its possession only three times. The Broncos’ other two Super Bowl Championships came back-to-back in 1997 and 1998 when Elway was under center.