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XFL savagely trolls NFL on Super Bowl Sunday

Vincent Frank

As the newly rebooted XFL prepares for its inaugural season in 2020, the league is making sure that it’s vastly different from today’s version of the NFL.

Apparently, that includes defining what a catch actually is. After all, the XFL’s official Twitter account took time out of its Super Bowl Sunday to absolutely troll the NFL over its version of the catch rule, among other things.

That’s just all sorts of glorious.

“Can a horse be led to water?” Why is autocorrect always wrong?”

But that wasn’t even close to the end of the trolling.

That’s just plain savage right there.

No one has any idea whether the XFL will be successful after its failed one-year launch earlier in the millennium. But the league’s marketing game is already apparently better than the NFL’s. That’s most definitely not a bad thing for Vince McMahon and Co.