Write For Sportsnaut


If you are a sports writer with a non-politically correct edge, then Sportsnaut.com is interested in hearing from you. We want writers with knowledge, dedication and most importantly an opinion! If this sounds like you, keep reading. If not, then it’s best you stay on the bench.


  • Knowledge: We want you to know the sports you are writing about inside out. You will be tested, vetted and double teamed to see if you are a real sports fan.
  • Dedication: Only get in touch if you understand what it takes to make it as a writer. We only want those serious about their art.
  • Opinion: Do you have something to say? Is it unflinching in its honesty? If you have the ability to silence others in your cutting commentary then we want you.


  • We are new, yet hardly novices. Our core team has been in the Internet space since 1996 with lots of wins like Internet audio shows before podcasting was known podcasting in the late 90’s, a part of two successful exits (including one that sold for $580 million), and raising angel capital and running a successful business for the last seven years. This is your opportunity to get on the inside track as Sportsnaut.com begins to grow.
  • We have integrity and will treat everyone involved with respect. A happy writer is a productive writer.
  • Write from the heart and pull no punches. Sportsnaut.com is about delivering honest editorial even if it offends the crybabies of the world.
  • If you’re a star, we’ll make sure the world knows. Our partnership with USA Today, our podcasts shows, and the Sportsnaut.com website will tell the world that you’re the new generation of great.

If you’re interested, we’d love to hear from you. If not, we appreciate your time and would still love to call you a friend as we’re all about making new friends.

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