Wolves upset Jimmy Butler’s side leaked trade request

By Vincent Frank
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

As things seemingly spiral out of control between the Minnesota Timberwolves and disgruntled All-Star Jimmy Butler, we’re starting to acquire more of an understanding about what’s happening behind the scenes.

According to¬†ESPN’s Darren Wolfson, the Wolves themselves are upset that Butler leaked his trade request through the media last month.

“The Wolves had no intention of leaking said request,” Wolfson said on his podcast. “That was the Jimmy Butler side that leaked the request. The Wolves remain upset about that.”

This would explain why Minnesota has been so hesitant to cater to Butler during trade talks with other teams. He reportedly would prefer joining the Miami Heat, but a last-minute hiccup pretty much ended discussions between the two sides.

It could also explain why Minnesota is reportedly demanding way too much for the star guard. It could feel slighted that other teams aren’t offer fair-market value after learning of Butler’s trade request.

What we do know is that Minnesota pretty much has less than two weeks to trade its star player. Short of that happening, this drama is going to extend into the regular season. That’s the last thing either side wants after what has been a contentious past several weeks.