Wisconsin AD Barry Alvarez believes CFP should expand to six teams

By Vincent Frank

No system is going to be perfect. We’re seeing that in an NBA where the landscape has been dominated by the Western Conference in recent seasons. In MLB, the newly-formed one-game wild card playoff system has been under scrutiny.

But perhaps, no other system has been scrutinized more than the different playoff systems college football has used in recent years. Now taking part in a four-team playoff for the title, said concerns have been alleviated some. Even then, some think the playoff itself should expand.

That now includes one of the most powerful men in college football, former Wisconsin head coach and current athletic director, Barry Alvarez.

“I would now be open to six. Two byes (for the top two teams). Maybe give one spot to the (Group of Five champion).¬†There are probably six teams that can win,” Alvarez said, via CBS Sports. “Some of those schools, that have years like that should have a chance. They could fit it in.”

If the CFP were expanded last season, both Ohio State and Central Florida would have had a chance to play for the title. For their part, Central Florida has made a mockery of the system by claiming themselves to be last year’s real champions over Alabama.

The issue here is rather obvious. If the CFP expanded to six teams, those ranked seventh and eighth would have a gripe. If it were expanded to a college basketball like Sweet 16 format, those on the outside looking in would also complain.

However,¬†Alvarez’s suggestion is interesting in that it would give the top two ranked teams an opportunity for a first-round bye. In vacuum, that certainly makes sense. Two more games would also be a financial boon for the schools and the NCAA.