Will Smith releasing special ‘Fresh Prince’ themed Jordan shoe for 50th birthday

TaĆ­s Melillo/Wikimedia Commons

Those of us who grew up watching Will and Carlton go at it on Fresh Prince are feeling especially old right now.

Will Smith will turn 50 years old later this month. It’s a seminal moment in his life, one that will feature the King of Bel-Air releasing a special edition Air Jordan sneaker. It’s Fresh Prince themed. It’s awesome. And Mr. Smith has all the amazing details on his IG account.


This is a part of a related promotion that affords people an opportunity to hang out with Mr. July as he celebrates his 50th on September 25th.

The shoe itself is about as 1990s as it gets. The high-top look and jazzy color combination is all sorts of gold. It reminds us of simpler times when acquiring a pair of Jordan’s required hours of chores on the home front.

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Sounds like a plan, right?