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Wildcard, DogChamp post wins in DPC ESL One Spring

Aug 25, 2018; Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN; Fans watch as Team Evil Geniuses  plays Team LGD in the lower bracket final of the International Dota 2 Championships at Rogers Arena in Vancouver.  The championships are eSports largest annual tournament with approximately $25 million U.S. in prize money to be awarded.  Dota 2 is a free 10-player online video game with two teams of players from all over the world competing against one another in each game. Mandatory Credit: Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports
Credit: Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

Wildcard Gaming escaped last place in the Dota Pro Circuit North America: ESL One Spring event on Wednesday, topping 4 Zoomers 2-1 for their first victory.

Wildcard and 4 Zoomers are both 1-2 after the match. In the day’s other action, Team DogChamp (1-3) produced a 2-0 sweep of simply TOOBASED (0-4).

The three teams tied for first place with 3-0 records — Evil Geniuses, Quincy Crew and TSM — were all idle on Wednesday.

Eight teams are competing in a single round robin over six weeks, with all matches best-of-three. The top two finishers qualify for ESL One Stockholm 2022, and the bottom two teams will be relegated to Division II for the next tour.

Wildcard Gaming opened play Wednesday with a 29-point win on green before 4 Zoomers rebounded for a 42-minute victory on green. Wildcard wrapped up the series with a 36-minute triumph on green.

Mexico’s Jose Esau “esK” Perez Coronel paced Wildcard with an average 8.3/2.0/10.7 kill-death-assist ratio. Brazil’s Guilherme Silva “Costabile” Costabile posted a 4.3/4.0/7.0 K-D-A ratio for 4 Zoomers.

DogChamp downed simply TOOBASED in 42 minutes on red and 33 minutes on green behind an average 9.5/0.5/5.0 K-D-A ratio from Ukraine’s Denis “StoneBank” Korzh. The United States’ Eric “Ryoya” Dong had a 5/5/5 K-D-A ratio for simply TOOBASED.

Week 3 concludes Saturday with two matches:
–Evil Geniuses vs. 4 Zoomers
–TSM vs. Wildcard Gaming

Dota Pro Circuit North America: ESL One Spring standings, map record
T1. Evil Geniuses, 3-0 (6-1)
T1. Quincy Crew, 3-0 (6-2)
T1. TSM, 3-0 (6-0)
T4. 4 Zoomers, 1-2 (4-5)
T4. The Cut, 1-2 (3-4)
T4. Wildcard Gaming, 1-2 (2-5)
7. Team DogChamp, 1-3 (3-6)
8. simply TOOBASED, 0-4 (1-8)

Dota Pro Circuit North America: ESL One Spring prize pool and DPC points
1. $30,000, 400 points
2. $28,000, 240 points
3. $27,000, 160 points
4. $26,000, 80 points
5. $25,000, 40 points
6. $24,000, no points
7. $23,000, no points, relegated to Division II
8. $22,000, no points, relegated to Division II

–Field Level Media