Why Chip Kelly and the Eagles May Not Attempt Many Two-Point Conversions

By Rachel Wold

The Philadelphia Eagles attempted but failed to change the NFL rule and make two-point conversions easier by performing them at the one-yard line. However, even before we knew the fate of their proposed rule, rumors have been circulating wild that the Eagles would be planning many two-point attempts due to the signing of quarterback Tim Tebow.

This really may not be the case in 2015.

Last season, the Eagles scored 54 touchdowns and their kicker Cody Parkey made all 54 extra point kicks. This obviously means that the team never once attempted a two-point conversion. During the 2013 season which was Kelly’s first as an NFL coach, the Eagles only made three of eight two-point attempts. Based on their activity in 2013, it might appear that the Eagles were hyped to try for more two-pointers because of their proposal to make it less difficult this season.

However, Kelly’s past numbers when he coached the Ducks simply do not point this direction.

In Kelly’s last season coaching in Oregon the team scored 89 touchdowns and only took a gamble on six two-point attempts for which four were successful. Prior to that in 2011, the Ducks scored 88 touchdowns and only seven two-point attempts were made in which five were completed. These are fair numbers for two-point tries, but they’re not off-the-charts crazy.

Kelly runs a mixed offense who is committed to running the ball and has claimed to not want to do anything that is considered wild or risky.¬†Perhaps if the Eagles’ proposed rule had passed, then Kelly and the Eagles might be singing a different tune.

While many may be thinking we are going to be see Tebow dashing out onto the field after every touchdown, this realistically may not be the case.

Or, Kelly is really just putting up a huge smokescreen to keep everyone confused about his real plan.

Photo: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports