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Which team do NFL coaches think will be the next post-Patriots dynasty?

Jesse Reed
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When Tom Brady left Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots this spring, it opened the door for a new team to step in and create its own dynasty. So, which team do NFL coaches think has what it takes to fill the void?

Kansas City Chiefs seen as the next NFL dynasty

In his latest 10-point stance column for Bleacher Report, Mike Freeman shared thoughts from NFL coaches on this topic. At least some of them are pointing to the Kansas City Chiefs as the NFL’s next dynastic franchise.

From Freeman’s column:

“In speaking to a handful of coaches around the league, several of them spoke so passionately about the Chiefs that they were practically blushing. In their view, Kansas City has the best chance of being the next post-Patriots dynasty. This wasn’t opining. They said it as though it’s a foregone conclusion.”

It wasn’t just all about Patrick Mahomes, though. The 2018 NFL MVP is a big part of all this, but other coaches have an immense amount of respect for head coach Andy Reid.

“But there’s also a belief that coach Andy Reid will continue to find creative ways to use Mahomes’ historic talent and adjust when defenses do the inevitable, which is adapt to what the Chiefs do,” Freeman wrote.

It’s easy to look at what the Chiefs did the past couple of seasons and think this team has a chance to become the NFL’s next dynasty. It’s a lot harder to actually do that than talk about it, though. With Brady in the NFC, the AFC is wide open. We cannot wait to see how things play out in the next few years.