What does Andy Dalton signing with Cowboys have to do with Dak Prescott?

Cowboys Super Bowl Dak Prescott
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys and Dak Prescott have been butting heads over contract talks for over a year now. So Andy Dalton surprisingly signing with the Cowboys Saturday sparked plenty of discussion on social media.

But is there even the slightest reason for controversy?

Andy Dalton signing had ‘zero’ to do with Dak Prescott

After the Cowboys signed Dalton, Tom Pelissero of NFL Network asked what it meant for Prescott. One source made it clear that it’s not in any way connected to Prescott not having signed his franchise tag.

Instead, the veteran was signed as Prescott’s backup and is seen as a great fit in Dallas’ quarterback room.

Given the way that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has talked about Prescott, this isn’t surprising news in the least. The Cowboys have made it as clear as they can that Prescott is seen as the long-term franchise passer.

Dalton is decent. And if he’s needed to play in 2020, he can keep the ship from sinking. But he’s not in the same echelon as Prescott, who has become one of the game’s best young signal callers.