Wayne Rooney’s fortress-like home fended off would-be burglar

Jul 29, 2015; Chicago, IL, USA; Manchester United forward Wayne Rooney (10) kicks the ball against the Paris Saint-Germain during the second half at Soldier Field. Paris Saint-Germain defeats Manchester United 2-0. Mandatory Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

While Wayne Rooney was playing his Manchester United testimonial game, which made history on Wednesday night for being the first ever game streamed live on Facebook, his home was under attack.

In what turned out to be a failed attempt to breach Rooney’s fortress-like security system, per BBC, the burglar fled the scene dropping a backpack which included gaffer tape and electrical ties, clearly showing that whoever attempted this burglary thought they would need to use force in some capacity.  

Fortunately, his wife and three children were with Rooney at Old Trafford while the attempted burglary took place. From what their Cheshire neighbors say “was like something out of a movie with alarms shrieking and search lights flashing on,” there is little chance those burglars will foolishly return.

Perhaps Jose Mourinho should take some tips to ensure Manchester United’s defense becomes as impenetrable as Rooney’s home, making Old Trafford a fortress again.