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WATCH: Wisconsin defender ejected after nasty targeting hit

Matt Johnson
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

In a game where the Wisconsin Badgers have played almost perfectly, Wisconsin Badgers safety Reggie Pearson made a costly mistake with a nasty targeting hit against the Michigan Wolverines.

Just moments after Pearson’s teammate Eric Burrell was ejected for a questionable targeting call, Pearson drilled Wolverines quarterback Dylan McCaffrey directly in the head.

McCaffrey stayed on the turf for several moments before getting up and being attended to by Michigan’s medical staff. While the hit didn’t hurt Wisconsin’s chances of winning, it put the Wolverines inside the 10-yard line. They scored one play later to snap Wisconsin’s shutout streak.

Officials are doing their best to protect young athletes and while targeting calls can sometimes yield questionable ejections and penalties, Pearson’s unnecessary hit is a clear example of what is trying to be taken out of the game.