WATCH: Warriors’ Kevon Looney with thunderous put back jam

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

When listing off names of Golden State Warriors players who can make highlight-reel plays on a consistent basis, Kevon Looney’s name doesn’t come to mind too often.

While the former first-round pick has played well for Golden State this season, he’s averaging a mere 6.3 points per game.

Just don’t tell that to the Houston Rockets. In an attempt to avoid a season sweep at the hands of their conference rivals, Looney and the Warriors were hot early on.

That included this thunderous put back jam from Looney on a Stephen Curry missed three-pointer.

Even fans in Houston were in awe of this. We’re honestly surprised that Looney didn’t take down the entire backboard with him.

Looney has been eating big time on the glass. But this took everything to an entirely new level. One has to wonder if Gregg Popovich heard it in San Antonio.