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WATCH: VT QB trucks official en route to pick-six-saving tackle

Matt Johnson
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

When some quarterbacks throw an interception, they hang their head and let teammates chase after the defender. When Virginia Tech Hokies quarterback Ryan Willis throws an interception, he will not let anyone stop him from making the tackle.

Willis threw an interception right before the half and Virginia Cavaliers cornerback Tim Harris saw nothing but open space to a pick-six right before the half. Willis wasn’t going to let it happen as he trucked an official on his way to a touchdown-saving tackle right before Harris reached the end zone.


Making a tackle after an interception its one thing for a quarterback, chasing the defender more than 50 yards down the field is another. What really makes this play an all-time moment is Willis trucking the official to the ground then sprinting after the cornerback.

This play simply had everything and is one of the best highlights in college football this season.