WATCH: Vince Carter puts defender on skates with pump fake, drains three

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Vince Carter knows a thing or two about a thing or two, and on Friday night he showed off his basketball savvy by putting a defender on skates.

Near the end of the first quarter as the Atlanta Hawks battled the Washington Wizards, Carter was the beneficiary of a nice pass in the corner on a fast break. With a defender closing in fast, he gave one pump, which nearly dropped the poor guy, before draining the three.

At the age of 43, Carter has been playing pro hoops for longer than some of these guys have been alive. And he’s still got it.

This has been a close game, but Atlanta is winning the highlight contest. Just before this, John Collins threw down one of the most impressive one-handed dunks we’ve seen in a while, rocking the rim with impressive power.