WATCH: UCF closes out first half with 63-second, 78-yard TD-scoring drive

Matt Johnson
Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

If college football fans needed any more evidence of how quickly and efficiently the Central Florida Knights offense can score, they provided it on Friday night.

After the Florida Atlanta Owls took a 17-14 lead, quarterback McKenzie Milton and the Knights’ offense was left with under 90 seconds remaining at their own 22-yard line.

Milton immediately went to work, connecting on a nine-yard then 23-yard strike to move the ball to FAU’s 46-yard line. After a four-yard run, the clock ticked down to under a minute.

Once again Milton came through, hooking up with wide receiver Dredrick Nelson for a 21-yard gain.

As the clock ran down below 40 seconds, the junior quarterback found a wide-open Marlon Williams, who went around a defender then ran it in for the go-ahead score.

UCF’s offense has been one of the fastest in college football this season and their five-play scoring drive near the end of the first half proved why.

The Owls knew the Knights would attack through the air and still couldn’t stop them. UCF’s offensive line gave Milton time to throw and he led the offense on a 78-yard touchdown drive in 63 seconds.

If the Knights win the in-state battle on Friday night, this clutch drive will be a big reason why their undefeated streak will continue.