WATCH: Tyreek Hill flashes peace sign again after back-breaking return TD

NFL Week 2 Tyreek Hill Kansas City Chiefs

Tyreek Hill famously flashed a peace sign during the Kansas City Chiefs’ Week 1 win over the New England Patriots. The NFL decided not to fine him for it, even though some thought it was a clear case of taunting. Needless to say, that ruling didn’t discourage the receiver from doing it again.

On Sunday night in Houston, the Chiefs already up by 12 points, Hill broke the back of the Texans on an 82-yard punt return for touchdown. On his way into the end zone, he flashed the peace sign once more.

Here’s the entire play, from NFL on Twitter.

This touchdown and extra point gave the Chiefs a three-score lead with less than half the fourth quarter left to play. It’ll take some more serious magic from rookie quarterback Deshaun Watson to overcome this deficit.