WATCH: Trea Turner caps nine-run comeback for Nats with grand slam

By Vincent Frank

Insert Derek Jeter face palm GIF here. With his Miami Marlins up 9-0 in the fourth inning Thursday evening against the division-rival Washington Nationals, Jeter had to be feeling darn good about his team’s chances.

That’s until the fifth and sixth innings came calling. After putting one on the board in the fourth, Washington netted four runs the following stanza. Its comeback was then capped off by a grand slam from shortstop Trea Turner in the bottom of the fifth.

That’s all sorts of crazy.

Handed a nine-run lead through 3.5 innings, Marlins starter Pablo Lopez promptly yielded five runs in as many innings. He was replaced on the bump by reliever Adam Conley, who yielded five runs of his own in 0.2 innings of work.

Heading into Thursday’s action with a 36-52 record, everyone knew the Marlins weren’t good. But this is next level futility right here.