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WATCH: Tommy Pham slaps Joc Pederson over fantasy football grudge

Jason Burgos
tommy pham, joc pederson
May 22, 2022; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; Cincinnati Reds left fielder Tommy Pham (29) bats against the Toronto Blue Jays at Rogers Centre. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Sousa-USA TODAY Sports

Tommy Pham is very serious about his fantasy football betting and Joc Pederson found out the hard way before a Saturday game between the Cincinnati Reds and San Francisco Giants.

Earlier today, reports flew around the sports world about an apparent altercation between MLB veterans Tommy Pham and Joc Pederson. At first, the news was a bit sketchy and claimed some sort of physical clash between the two ahead of the team’s game at 4:10 PM EST. Then the real details of the beef started to flow out.

Pederson revealed that the confrontation was regarding a fantasy football league the pair were in last year. Some in the league claimed Pederson was cheating and stashing players on his bench, after placing a player on the injured reserve list when they were expected to miss a game. However, the Giants outfielder countered the accusation at the time by screenshotting the league’s ruleset that showed he was within his right to make the move.

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Tommy Pham saysJoc Pederson was ‘messing with my money’ after slap

Pederson then pointed out Pham was actually doing the same in that league. When talking to the media after the incident, Pederson claimed that the callout is the reason behind Pham slapping Pederson on Saturday when the two came face-to-face during batting practice in the Reds outfield.

“There was no real argument,” Pederson said. “He kind of came up and said, ‘you remember from last year?’ And I said, ‘fantasy football?’ And he’s like, ‘ yea,'” and preceded to slap Pederson in the face. A video of the clash can be seen above.

When asked for his own opinion, Pham accused Pederson of “messing with my money,” and that there was “too much money on the line” to have done whatever supposedly set him off last year. “He said some s*** I don’t condone. I had to address it … I’m a big dog in Vegas. I’m a high roller at many casinos,” Pham said.

The outfielder has officially been suspended for three games by the MLB.