No. 2 seed Michigan State escaped an upset bid from Bradley on Thursday. And in the midst of that game, a rather bizarre incident happened between Spartans coach Tom Izzo and freshman Aaron Henry.

As Henry was walking off of the floor during a timeout, he was met by an irate Izzo. The coach initially appeared to make contact with Henry. Later in the team huddle, he again lunged in Henry’s direction, but was stopped before anything physical happened.

Obviously the first thing we must talk about is the contact. It’s not like Izzo punched Henry in the face or anything. But nothing Henry did came close to warranting the contact that did happen.

This incident was light enough that Izzo, who has earned enough benefit of the doubt over the years, should probably escape anything too serious. But this is an awful look.

Michael Dixon
Bay Area born and raised, I have extensive experience in both the print and online worlds. There are few things in this world I love doing more than talking sports.