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WATCH: Tom Brady, Titans HC get into it during joint practice

Vincent Frank
Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Vrabel played eight seasons with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

The two obviously have a history. That came to the forefront during joint practices this week as the Titans and Patriots prepare for their preseason game Saturday evening in Nashville.

Whether they were just bantering or something completely different, the two got into it Wednesday as Mr. Brady walked across the Titans’ practice field.

It really is some amazing stuff.

Knowing Mr. Brady, this was likely just a friendly back and forth with a former teammate. His response to Vrabel was epic.

What makes everything so much better here is the fact that “The Gambler” by Kenny Rogers was blaring in the background. That could have very well been a euphemism for this “spat.”

You’re gambling with your livelihood when you upset the six-time world champion, Mr. Vrabel.