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WATCH: Tom Brady hilariously messes with reporter’s recorder before press conference

Matt Johnson
© Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady knows how to have fun in even the most intense moments. Before facing reporters in advance of Saturday’s wild-card game, the future Hall of Famer let loose a bit and drew some laughs by messing with a recorder.

As Brady walked up to the podium, he saw a reporter’s recorder placed on the table at the last second. He immediately picked it up, performed a microphone check then jokingly looked for a way to turn it off.

While the Patriots certainly didn’t expect to be playing on Saturday, a result of their stunning loss to the Miami Dolphins, Brady isn’t letting it bring down his mood. The 42-year-old still enjoys having a little fun, especially when it can draw a laugh and come at the expense of a reporter.