WATCH: Todd Gurley destroys dude’s ankles with crossover

Los Angeles Rams running back Todd Gurley routinely broke ankles in his rookie campaign but suffered through a miserable 2016 campaign, which he described as “a nightmare.”

Perhaps in an effort to assuage his frustrations, the dynamic running back absolutely destroyed some dude’s ankles at a 24 Hour Fitness shooting some hoops.

Check it out.

We’re surprised @truj2 can even walk after that. The best part is when dude looks down at the court to see if perhaps some moisture was the reason his ankles broke in half.

Nope. He just got pwned.

Hopefully Los Angeles Rams fans will get to see Gurley putting these types of moves on linebackers and safeties on a regular basis in 2017. He’ll need some help up front, as the Rams featured one of the worst offensive lines in football.

A new coaching staff could make the difference there, along with some new players up front. No more “middle school offense,” please.