WATCH: This throw by Josh Rosen is why NFL scouts are drooling

Josh Rosen

Josh Rosen continues to show why so many talent evaluators at the NFL level cannot stop talking about his potential at the next level.

Locked into a shootout in Memphis Saturday, the Bruins quarterback is having to keep his team in the game. UCLA’s defense is just not good, and the Tigers have been moving the ball at will. Down by 10 points in the third quarter after he threw a pick-six the previous drive, Rosen made up for it with this gem of a back-shoulder throw.

The placement here is as good as it gets. And we might add, what a pretty throw.

The Memphis defender had no chance at making a play on the ball, and Jordan Lasley had the ball fall right into his hands as he turned towards the sideline to receive the pass.

Rosen tends to give some bad with the good, as his pick-six on the previous drive demonstrated to a T. However, his ability to make plays like this one, and like the one that won the game against Texas A&M in Week 1, show why the NFL cannot wait to get its hands on the young gunslinger.