WATCH: This baseball player had the bat flip to end all bat flips

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Starlin Rodriguez of the InterCounty Baseball League’s Barrie Baycats might not be getting paid to play the game he loves. But he sure got his money worth following a homer that clinched a series for the team recently.

In a video provided by Ken Hashizume of Sunshine 89 in Canada, Rodriguez is seen following through with a bat flip to end all bat flips. It came in a 3-3 tie against the Kitchener Panthers and is all sorts of amazing.

As you might envision, this caused some pretty big drama around the independent league. Just imagine if someone had decided to showboat like this in a Major League Baseball game. He would have easily taken a pitch to the head during his next at-bat.

The IBL has been around since 1919 and consists of unpaid amateur players looking to make their names known in a semi-pro league. By not getting paid, said players still retain their college eligibility.

Someone might want to tell Rodriguez that this won’t fly in the states should he get a scholarship call. Until then, let’s all just envy the amazing bat flip for a bit.