WATCH: Teen fishermen reel in massive 700-pound bluefin tuna after 7-hour battle

A small fishing boat passes sailboats docked along the Black River on Boat Night, Friday, July 10, 2020, in Port Huron. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the city canceled its traditional Boat Night party, although the Port Huron-to-Mackinac race is still taking place. © Brian Wells/Times Herald via Imagn Content Services, LLC

Now here’s a fish story that has video to prove the tale. Three teenagers took a jaunt into the see off the coast of Maine this week and ended up hauling in an incredible catch: A 700-pound bluefin tuna that battled the trio for seven taxing hours.

Wyatt Morse, 17, owns the boat they embarked on. He was joined by Griffin Buckwalter and Martin Scanlan, who are both 16.

The tuna dragged the boat 10 miles as they battled the massive fish. They didn’t even see the fish for six hours as it remained roughly 300 feet deep.

“It was just like seven hours of chaos,” Buckwalter said, per CNN. “The fish was always trying to snap us off in the motor, trying to run into other people’s boats, and it was just doing everything he could to try to snap off [the line]. So we really didn’t have any time to rest or just kind of relax.”

Check out the incredible video of their encounter.

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