WATCH: Teammates save Tyler Austin from landing on head after dive over railings

As a player, it’s nice to have teammates who are there for you when you need them. For New York Yankees first baseman Tyler Austin, that meant his teammates saving him from a nasty fall into the dugout Friday night.


In the fourth inning, Austin chased after a foul ball off the bat from Los Angeles Angels third baseman Zack Cozart. The first baseman wanted to make a big play to end the inning with runners on base.

He made a great effort, but after the ball missed his outreached glove, the 26-year-old took a headfirst fall into the Yankees’ dugout.

Fortunately, four teammates were right there to keep Austin from flipping over and hitting his head on the concrete platform. He may not have gotten an out but he avoided a major injury. Then, pitcher Luis Severino stranded the runners anyway with two consecutive outs.