WATCH: Syracuse player blatantly tries to injure Zion Williamson

Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Duke fab freshman Zion Williamson was back on the court for the first time in nearly a month against Syracuse in the ACC Tournament Quarterfinals Thursday evening.

It’s the first action Williamson has seen since suffering a freak injury against North Carolina back on February 20.

While this year’s likely No. 1 NBA Draft pick was doing his thing (again and again), one Orange player blatantly tried to injure the big man.

Check out Frank Howard attempt to trip an unsuspecting Williamson.

Another angle shows just how blatant this was.

There’s absolutely no room for this in sports. There’s certainly no room for it in amateur athletics. Given that Williamson is just now returning from a lower-body injury, that’s magnified even further.

It’s just dirty.