WATCH: Stunning video of Patriots videotaping incident shows why NFL is upset

© Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL reportedly has all options on the table as it ponders discipline for the New England Patriots videotaping incident last Sunday. Now an exclusive video obtained by Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer shows exactly why that’s the case.

Glazer shared this video live on air Sunday morning ahead of the NFL games. It highlights an exchange between a Cincinnati Bengals employee and the Robert Kraft employee filming the Bengals’ sideline.

In the video, the Bengals employee rightly points out that the Patriots aren’t videotaping the advanced scout as they claim. Then, as it had previously been reported, the videographer tries to just convince the Bengals employee to let him simply delete the video.

The best part of this video evidence is the line, “The damage is done, my friend,” as the Bengals employee laughingly responds to the videographer’s attempt at deleting the footage.

Due to New England’s past suspensions — one of them for a similar type of issue — we’re convinced the NFL will come down hard on the Patriots for this videotaping incident, which is very, very fishy.