WATCH: Stephen A Smith once again puts foot in mouth discussing NFL

By Jesse Reed

ESPN’s Mr. do-it-all, Stephen A Smith, has proved time and time again that when it comes to the NFL, he should probably leave the discussion to the experts.

Facts just don’t seem to enter into the equation when he starts arguing his case on any given NFL topic. It’s become an epidemic.

And on Monday, he once more stuck his foot in his mouth speaking about the Dallas Cowboys on ESPN’s “First Take.”

Talking about how incredible the team’s offense has functioned under new offensive coordinator Kellen Moore, he took a trip in the way-back machine and said that Moore is “clearly” an upgrade over Chan Gailey. The only problem with that? Gailey hasn’t coached the Cowboys since 1999, and he was never the team’s offensive coordinator.

In fact, Gailey hasn’t coached in the NFL since the 2016 season.

For the record, Scott Linehan was the person Smith should have been referring to. He was Dallas’ offensive coordinator from 2015-18.

The one thing Smith did get right here is that Moore has “clearly” been an upgrade.