WATCH: Stephen A. Smith gets hit with a technical in NBA’s All-Star Celebrity Game

Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith loves to let his opinions fly on television and radio. While it’s made him very successful, it doesn’t translate quite as well to the basketball court. Smith learned that the hard way during Friday’s All-Star Celebrity Game.

The iconic personality was coaching against his ESPN colleague Michael Wilbon in the All-Star Celebrity Game. When another call went against his team’s favor, Stephen A. couldn’t take it anymore and gave the ref a piece of his mind. It didn’t take long before the referee hit him with the technical foul.

Watching Smith get charged with the technical was great, but his hilarious reaction to it was even better. He brought the same personality he has on television to the court, perhaps demonstrating why coaching might not be suited for him. Of course, it probably doesn’t help that his team was trailing by 11. Let’s hope ESPN brings the ref in for a segment on First Take in the future.