WATCH: South Carolina head coach hit with baseball during live interview

Mark Kingston has been coaching at a college level for nearly a quarter century. His career has spanned stops with Purdue, Miami and South Florida. Now the head coach of South Carolina, we’re pretty sure Kingston has never had this happen.

Being interviewed during ESPN’s broadcast of his Gamecocks outing against North Carolina on Tuesday, Kingston was beaned by a batted ball. But showing himself to be a true professional, the former Minor League Baseball player continued his interview.

It’s all sorts of awesome.

Not only did Kingston continue the interview he came up with a gem of a quote.

“This is what it’s all about, Tuesday night…just got hit with a baseball…and gonna be a pro about it.”

If any of his players needed a role model, they now have one. Life throws you curves. Sometimes, life throws you fastballs. And other times, said balls hit you square in the chest. Get up, and continue your job.