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WATCH: Someone made a Zion Williamson ‘One Shining Moment’ video

Jesse Reed
Zion Williamson
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Virginia won the 2019 NCAA Tournament and rightfully earned the official “One Shining Moment” tribute following its nail-biting defeat of Texas Tech on Monday night.

Yet the player who enraptured the nation throughout the tourney was, of course, none other than Duke’s Zion Williamson.

As such, one person put together a “One Shining Moment” video that features nothing but Zion Williamson highlights. And let me tell you, it’s magnificent.

We’ve seen Zion pull off miraculous displays of athleticism and basketball prowess all season long.

On offense, he’s a left-handed dunking machine who can also score from anywhere on the court. On defense, he’s an incredible rim protector who also has a high basketball IQ and uses it to get into passing lanes for steals and deflections.

Next up for the talented young star is a trip to the NBA, where we fully expect him to continue dominating for years to come.