WATCH: Seahawks’ D.K. Metcalf shows off insane hops on hurdle jumps

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Seattle Seahawks receiver D.K. Metcalf drew attention for his eye-popping size and athleticism before he even stepped on an NFL field. Coming off a rookie season that saw him become a household name, Metcalf is now proving he’s ready to make the leap to NFL stardom.

Metcalf made highlight plays look routine against top competition during his first year in the league. After spending some time working on his Marshawn Lynch impression, the 22-year-old is showing off his absurd workouts in the gym.

If NFL fans thought the 6-foot-4 receiver’s incredible strength and 4.33-speed were impressive, that’s nothing compared to his absurd leaping ability.

It’s hard enough for defensive backs to stop a receiver who can burn them deep down the field. But when Russell Wilson wants to throw up a 50-50 ball in tight coverage, he knows Metcalf will come down with it.

We expect Metcalf’s stats to climb even higher this season, coming off a rookie campaign with 900 receiving yards and seven touchdowns in 15 games. It might be just enough to help him get the respect he deserves in his Madden 21 ratings.