WATCH: Saquon Barkley scared out of his mind feeding gators

Penn State running back Saquon Barkley

In one of the more humorous things I’ve run across today, presumed top-10 NFL draft pick Saquon Barkley shared a video on Instagram of a little adventure he had at Gatorland in Florida.

This video is absolutely hilarious, because, despite Barkley’s claims otherwise in his caption — “I SWEAR I WAS NOT SCARED!! ??” — he’s scared out of his mind.


“I’m over it!”

Really, the best part was Barkley wondering how the heck “Pete” was going to do anything to stop a potential attack wielding nothing but a stick.

The video is just a glimpse into a larger project, as Barkley is one of the featured players for ESPN 2’s Hey Rookie, Welcome to the NFL. The NFL draft takes place in just a few short weeks, and soon Barkley will be tasked with taking on beasts of a different nature as a rookie in the NFL.