WATCH: Ryan Hollins says MJ, Kobe couldn’t fill LeBron’s shoes, and Shaq loses it

By Jesse Reed

Shaq and “First Take” host Max Kellerman could not believe their ears Tuesday when Ryan Hollins issued the hottest of takes about LeBron James.

Hollins was discussing LeBron’s impact in Los Angeles and said neither Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan could fill James’ shoes.

Shaq and Kellerman were all of us after Hollins uttered the words, “Kobe Bryant couldn’t fill — or Michael Jordan — fill LeBron’s shoes.”

James is an all-time great, to be sure. But that’s taking things way too far.

The rest of Hollins’ argument was just about as solid as his initial statement, for what it’s worth. A for effort, if shock value is the only commodity you’re trying to sell.