WATCH: Russell Westbrook trolls former teammate Reggie Jackson in epic fashion

Russell Westbrook

To say that there’s no love lost between Detroit Pistons guard Reggie Jackson and his former Oklahoma City Thunder teammates would be an understatement.

In case you had forgotten, Jackson forced a trade from the Thunder during the 2014-15 season because he was not happy about being relegated to bench duties.

This came on a Thunder team that boasted the likes of Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant. And it certainly was not a great situation behind the scenes.

Taking on his former teammate Monday night, Russ decided to absolutely troll Jackson in the best possible way.

After driving for a lay-up, Westbrook pulled out a “rock the baby” celebration as a way to call Jackson out for his immature attitude years back.

It’s somewhat petty given the attitude Westbrook has displayed when it comes to former teammate and current Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant.

In no way does that make it any less funny. The NBA is full of petty. And we’re all here for it. Do your thing, Russ.