WATCH: Rush lead singer has this unique part of MLB history

Albert Pujols and other MLB stars need to step up

When two icons of entertainment meet, it’s always a special moment. It’s even more meaningful when they share a similar passion for baseball and can celebrate it in a unique way.

Los Angeles Angels designated hitter Albert Pujols and world-renowned Rush lead singer Geddy Lee met before the Angels faced off against the Toronto Blue Jays in Canada and shared a moment.

Lee, who has a baseball with the signatures of every member of MLB’s 3,000-hit club, sought out the autograph of the newest member of one of MLB’s most historic clubs.

Pujols, who became just the 32nd player in baseball history to reach 3,000-plus career hits, signed the baseball and shared a special moment talking with one of music’s own greatest icons.

According to MLB.com, the singer-songwriter is a Toronto native and a lifelong baseball fan and last year made a trip to Miami to have Barry Bonds and Ichiro Suzuki sign the baseball.