WATCH: Robert Covington commits embarrassing blunder on failed breakaway dunk

© Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Minnesota Timberwolves forward Robert Covington is often recognized as one of the NBA’s most reliable three-and-D players on the wing. Unfortunately, his reputation will be taking a hit for an embarrassing moment during Saturday’s game.

Minnesota trailed the Portland Trail Blazers 103-97 late in the fourth quarter and needed a spark. The Timberwolves forced the steal and Covington hustled downcourt to be in perfect position for an easy dunk. As soon as he went into the air, the basketball slipped out of his hands and flew out of bounds for a turnover.

It’s one thing to get rejected by the rim on a breakaway dunk. Covington somehow topped that rather typical blunder by losing the basketball before he even reached the rim.

Covington was able to laugh off the moment, but the reaction from the announcers and his teammates said it all. Now he’ll be the unfortunate star on “Shaqtin’ a Fool” and this moment might follow him for a little while. Perhaps a change of scenery would do him some good.