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WATCH: Rob Gronkowski starring in new music video

Vincent Frank
Rob Gronkowski meme
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The retirement of one Rob Gronkowski has been something special. It has recently included a contract with the WWE and previously saw Gronk host a Super Bowl party in South Beach back in February.

Anything we do, Gronkowski does bigger.

That’s no more true than right now. Check out Gronk and his better half, Camille Kostek, starring in Kygo’s new music video “I’ll Wait.”

It’s not necessarily what you’d expect. Beer pong, partying it up and the like. Rather, it’s all about Gronkowski and Camille sharing their vacations together on the video.

This is actually really well done. Not your basic stuff. A lot of thought went into it from this couple and their collaborators.

As it relates to the song, there’s definitely some serious aspects to it.

“I’ll wait forever, that’s what we said. 16th of September, lying in my bed. I’ll wait forever, it’s never too late, couple thousand miles is just a little space.”

Outside of that, this is definitely where most of us want to be in our daily relationships, right?