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WATCH: Refs miss shameless travel by LeBron James

Matt Johnson
© Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Stars in the NBA are known to get away with a few calls and receive favorable treatment from officials. We saw that in grand fashion on Wednesday night when Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James got away with a shameless travel right at mid-court.

During Wednesday’s game against the Utah Jazz, James casually strolled through Utah’s logo at center court. He then held the ball in his left hand and took three steps, with seemingly everyone in the arena but the referees noticing.

James didn’t even try to hide it, traveling as casually as families getting away from Utah in the winter for warmer weather. It’s one thing to miss the close travel calls, but this is just absurd. We’ll have to see if James finds a way to test the NBA’s limits by seeing how far he can travel with the ball.