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WATCH: Ravens QB Lamar Jackson films himself driving 105 mph

Rachel Wold
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

We all know Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has lightning speed when he takes to his feet to make plays. But Jackson’s need for speed doesn’t stop on the field.

Jackson posted video footage of himself exceeding an outrageous speed of 105 miles per hour. This video clip comes courtesy of TMZ Sports who captured it from Jackson’s Instagram Story.

This is just all kinds of dangerous, not to mention illegal. The last time we checked, Jackson was not in Germany driving on the Autobahn. Even further curious is TMZ noted that a light on Jackson’s dashboard indicated that somebody in his car was not seatbelted in.

TMZ said they reached out to the Ravens to get comment and have not heard anything back as of yet.

Surely, the team will eventually become aware of this video of their star quarterback risking his life just to show off his gold wrist bling.

Jackson is primed to enter the 2019 season as the Ravens starter — provided he remains in one piece off the field.